Ross Greenwood

Ross Greenwood
Ross is TODAY business and finance editor and the co-host of Nine's SUNDAY program.

Before joining Nine, Ross was editor-in-chief of the weekly British magazine, Shares (1999-2003). He is one of the founders of Shares, and is still a shareholder.

Ross was responsible for the creation of Shares magazine (1996), of which he was managing editor.

While in London, Ross was a regular commentator on BBC Television and Radio, CNN, Sky News and Bloomberg.

In Australia, Ross was editor of Business Review Weekly (1997-1999), Personal Investor (1986-1997) and The Age's Money section.

In television he was a presenter on Network 10's Healthy Wealthy and Wise (1992-1997), and was the finance presenter for Good Morning Australia. He also hosted finance programs for ABC radio.

In the finance industry, he was a director of the sharemarket listed investment company WAM Capital and chairman of the investment committee of the Just superannuation fund, the $400 million industry fund for journalists and entertainers.

Follow Ross on twitter @MoneyNewsShow and @Ross_Greenwood

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