Spouse Busters

Thursday July 5, 2007
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There are several private investigation companies in Australia who deal with various adultery surveillances.

Spouse Busters say it is the first adultery private investigation team who make catching cheating spouses their sole objective.

Spouse Buster's Managing director Brett Sutcliffe chats with TODAY about the private investigation business and shows us a few of the gadgets his team use to get the job done.

Most of the private investigators at Spouse Busters come from either a police or ex-military background.

Spouse Busters has about 40 people working across Australia. "I only had two people working for me when I started the company," says Mr Sutcliffe.

"It's grown exponentially since it started," he says. "We are even moving outside of Australia. I currently have someone working in the Philippines."

Charging between $75 and $120 an hour, the Spouse Busters team use a variety of technological equipment in their investigations.

"There is a lot of equipment that I can't talk about," says Mr Sutcliffe. "But some of the basic equipment involves using concealed cameras. We use hidden cameras in pens, buttons and handbags as well as night vision cameras and listening devices."

"There are ways to get around the legal complications involved with the surveillance," says Mr Sutcliffe." It is illegal to put a camera in someone's house, but if a spouse has given permission for us to use the equipment then legally we are safeguarded."

The same legal issues comply with GPS tracking devices in cars.

While they may tackel up to 50 cases a week across the country every week he says, "Sydney is the biggest market for us, with an average of we take about 28 cases a week in Sydney alone "

Spouse Busters clientele is an equal balance of males and females who often want some proof or just desire some peace of mind about spousal activities.

"A lot of clients require confirmation for divorce matters as well," says Mr Sutcliffe. "There was one guy who was leading a double life. He had a wife and a fiance at the same time. He was married to the wife for 13 years and engaged to the fiance for six of those years."

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