Should you switch energy companies?

Friday November 5, 2010

Rising electricity bills are a worry for all Australian families. On average, a family of four uses about 10 KW of power a year. Tim Wolfenden from independent energy broker; Make it cheaper joined TODAY to advise on how you can easily switch energy suppliers to save big bucks.

Make It Cheaper is a free and independant comparison and switching service, helping businesses and home owners in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales save hundreds of dollars on their electricity and gas bills.

How it works
What you'll need to switch
Ideally you'll have the following bits of information:

  • Postcode

  • Current electricity supplier

  • Bill size

  • Current electricity bill

What's important to you
Once you're on the phone with us, we search for the better and cheaper deal available in your region. Don't worry if you don't know all of the above, we can still help you. You might even be moving into a new property wanting an electricity connection. We can help you find a better and cheaper deal.

How long does it take to switch?
Switching your home electricity supplier is quick and simply. Within a couple of minutes, Make It Cheaper can walk you through the options, and recommend the right supplier for your individual needs. Switching retailers typically falls in line with your schedule meter reads, which means your transfer will take place on your next meter read date. If you are moving homes, we can get you connected to a cheaper deal. Getting a new connection is quick and simple, and we can often do it on the same day.

Common Electricity Supplier Myths Busted

  • It's too hard to switch: Switching supplier is easy - it only take a few minutes to complete the paper work, which can all be done over the phone.

  • My power will get cut off: Switching is seamless - your electricity supply will not be affected. The only difference will be the supplier's name at the top of the bill, and the price you pay.

  • There's no saving to be made: There's a range of electricity suppliers operating across Australia - all of these are vying for your business, offering cheaper rates to beat the old traditional suppliers.

How to switch with Make It Cheaper

  • Call Make It Cheaper on 1300 95 77 21 and we'll search the entire market for a cheaper deal.

  • Fax your most recently electricity bill directly to Make It Cheaper (including your contact details) on 02 9423 4648. We'll search the entire market and call you back with a cheaper deal.

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