Best free phone apps

TODAY technology editor Charlie Brown looks at the best free phone apps on the market. Dinner Spinner

  • Huge range of recipes

  • Divided into dish types, ingredients etc

  • You can specify certain ingredients and it will give you a choice of recipes to choose from

  • Excellent when you are stuck for dinner ideas

  • Gives you cooking times

  • Platform: Apple

  • Cost: Free

Fitness Pro

  • Over 450 exercises

  • Chose a preset routine or build own workout regime

  • Keep track of all your exercise regimes

  • Shows you how to do the exercise

  • Has "detail" option to show

  • Platofrm Apple

  • Cost: Free

Red Laser Barcode Scanner

  • Allows you to scan a barcode on products

  • Tells you the product and where you can get it the cheapest

  • Can also red QR codes, which are similar to barcodes

  • Cost: Free

  • Platform: Android


  • Easy to install app

  • Uses LED light on phone

  • Good for getting keys in car on dark night

  • Good for use at a concert or theatre

  • Platform: Android and Apple

  • Cost: Free

Textie Messenging

  • If you and a friend both have iphone but are still paying to text each othe, textie messenging allows you to communicate for free

  • Textie lets you send messages to any other textie user, any email address

  • Replies come straight back to the app, so you can use Textie with anyone, whether they have the app installed or not

  • Fast and easy to use

  • All messages are free

  • Cost: Free
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