First it was a DVD, then came the infomercials and now Zumba is the world's largest dance-fitness program.

It's practiced by more than 10 million people right around the world and TODAY was joined by the creator of the Zumba phenomenon, Beto Perez.

The creation of Zumba:

As a fitness instructor in his native Cali, Colombia, Beto's life took an unexpected turn one fateful day in the mid-'90s when he darted off to teach an aerobics class and forgot his traditional aerobics music.

Beto improvised using his own mix of music from tapes he had in his backpack; salsa and merengue music he grew up with. Spontaneously he created a new kind of dance-fitness, one that focused on letting the music move you, instead of counting reps over the music. And on that day, a revolutionary new fitness concept was born - the Zumba Fitness-Party.

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