Best Bread for you

If you go to the bread aisle of any shopping centre there are literally dozens of breads to choose from.

TODAY dietician Joanna McMillan share’s her tips on which breads are best for your family.

White bread is made from just the starchy inner part of the grain with all the fibre and many nutrients removed this is the least nutritious bread. It almost always has a high GI meaning the carbs are absorbed almost as quickly as if you drank pure glucose in water! This gives you big rise in blood glucose levels and needs a lot of insulin to be dealt with. Not good news for heart health, weight control or reducing risk of or controlling diabetes. However there are now a few low GI white breads on the market. These are a step in the right direction if you must eat white bread. Sourdough white is also much better having a lower GI. Many also have fibre added but these are still not the same as eating a wholegrain bread.

It's important to recognise the difference between wholemeal and wholegrain. Wholemeal are more processed - often the fibre component is added back, making them more nutritious than white bread, however the GI is often still high.

Stoneground Breads
These are better as the processing of the grain is more traditional and the resultant flour is less fine - this lowers the GI.

These are the best types of bread as the grain is processed intact. Usually these have a lower GI, all the fibre and most of the nutrients preserved from the intact grain.

Speciality Breads
We have new breads with other things added such as Helga's Quinoa and Flaxseed, Burgen Soy & linseed, Rye sourdough or those using ancient grains such as spelt. Broadening the grains used and added ingredients like quinoa and flaxseed (linseed) has the potential to improve the nutritional quality of the bread.

Flat Breads
I love Mountain bread and Sorj bread - no preservatives and literally just flour water and salt. I also use Tannour bread for making homemade pizza for the kids - made by Old Time Bakery Pty Ltd and described as "first made by Ancient Phoenicians". There has been a real move back to these kind of old fashioned breads. Good old wholemeal pita is also good and tends to be low GI.

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