Click your way to better health

Figuring out how to begin your new exercise regime (that you’ve been putting off for months if not years on end) can be a daunting task... But the solution could be a mere click away.

Fitness expert Michael Ryan joins TODAY to run through six of the best online resources that will help you achieve a better body and mind – and potentially save you the cost of a gym membership and expensive personal training sessions!

Cost: From $29.95 per month

It’s time to break free of the monotony of your current program. Mix things up a little!

For a monthly fee of $29.95, you can download your choice of six eight-week programs onto your iPod, MP3 player or phone.

iTrainer's Women's Only program helps tone up trouble spots such as the stomach and bottom. iTrainer also features a web based workout calendar and session log to plan and monitor your workouts. Just like a real personal trainer, this virtual one ensures you turn up to sessions with SMS, email or phone reminders.

Perfect for:

  • Busy people
  • Women/Mums (see the Women’s Only workout targeting common trouble spots)
  • People who can't get to the gym/outdoors (see the Home Shape Up workout)
  • People who need encouragement (SMS, email or phone reminders available)

    Cost: From $12.95

    Melbourne-based fitness expert Donna Aston is the whiz behind this easy-to-navigate site which offers downloadable work-outs in just about every tech format (CDs, MP3s, DVDs and MP4s).

    Aston, who boasts the likes of Sigrid Thornton, Vince Colosimo and Simon Cowell among her clientele, has created a site that works for every fitness level, every exercise preference (programs range from gym and core work-outs to strength training, yoga and Pilates) and every situation. Talk about having all grounds covered!

    Perfect for:

  • Busy people
  • New mums (see the Mum-to-go workout)
  • Travellers (see the Travel-to-go workout)
  • People looking to target specific areas (see the cardio, core, tone and fatburner workouts)
  • People looking for fast results (see the10-week workout program)
  • Yoga and Pilates enthusiasts

    Cost: Free

    All it takes is 15 minutes out of your day to listen to one of this site's guided meditations and you’ll be feeling Zen.

    The site is run by the Meditation Society of Australia and offers free membership (expect daily meditation messages in your inbox once you sign up) and free meditation podcasts, MP3 meditation classes and written inspiration.

    This site recommends a designated "space" for meditation... Anywhere quiet will do!

    Perfect for:

  • People looking to relax for 10 minutes
  • Stressed people
  • People new to meditation (see the introduction and preparation guides)
  • Children (see the section devoted to kids)

    Cost: Free

    Who wouldn’t want to share the same personal trainer as Kate Moss, Sophie Dahl, Russell Brand and Rachel Weisz?!

    David Marshall might be a personal trainer to the stars but you can try his easy-to-follow fitness videos from the comfort of your home.

    They are downloadable to your iPod, or order his BodyDoctor DVD and book (approximately $140 for both), which guide you through over 20 of his exercises.

    Perfect for:

  • Busy people
  • People looking for an overall fitness regime in one convenient package (The traditional Bodydoctor course is 20 one-on-one sessions which consists of three sessions per week over a 6 and a half week period).
  • Children (see the Kids Fitness section)

    Cost: From $90

    This site was created by UK-based Pilates instructor Doug Robertson and offers two downloadable work-outs that are designed to get the flabbiest of behinds into shape.

    The downloadable 10-week program costs about $130 and claims to tone up and strengthen your bottom by "reconnecting" it with your brain through butt-shaping exercises such as "the clam". Possibly less complicated than it sounds!

    Short on time? Try the two-week version which promises a sleeker look in no time.

    Perfect for:

  • Busy people
  • Women/Mums
  • People looking to target trouble areas (the tummy, thighs and bum)
  • People looking for fast results (see the two-week program)

    Cost: Free

    Track your daily kilojoule intake and energy burn with this free-to-join Australian online counter.

    Use Mikibo to monitor your food, record your exercise and track your weight.

    Perfect for:

  • Anyone trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet
  • Women/Mums
  • Seniors
  • People with medical conditions where food intake is important (e.g. diabetics)
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