Sexualisation of our youth

A disturbing article out of the Courier Mail over the weekend reports that young children are sporting a fashion trend with an underlying sexual meaning.

Known as shag bands, it is said that if you break one off someone’s wrist you must then, depending on the colour of the bracelet, deliver a hug, kiss, or something far more sexual...

Shag band meanings

Yellow - hug
Pink - hickey
Orange/purple - kiss
Red - lap dance
Green/blue - oral
Clear - whatever the other person wants
Black - sex
White - flash

Author of ‘Getting Real: Challenging the Sexualisation of Girls’, Melinda Tankard Reist joins the show.

What Melinda says

  • This suggests that girls are merely service stations for boys.
  • This invites sexual assault and could lead to lifelong damage.
  • At every level of society, young girls are under the impression that to be ‘cool’ you have to offer sexual favours.
  • Parents should talk to their children about being safe.
  • Computers should be kept in public spaces and filters should be installed.
  • Schools and communities need to offer support of change.
  • If kids find themselves in uncomfortable situations, they should let their teachers know.
  • Potential damage includes, low self esteem and self harm. There are very serious short term and long term ramifications.

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