Elle MacPherson Diet

James Duigan:

  • James has been transforming bodies and changing lives around the world with incredible success over the last ten years.
  • James' rounded approach has taken him from a personal trainer to a globally respected health & wellbeing expert.
  • He has crafted some of the world's most famous bodies.
  • His attitude and expertise has placed him in high demand on both sides of the Atlantic, from Hollywood to Kensington High street.
  • As creator of the Bodyism system and bestselling author of "The Clean and Lean diet" book series James is uniquely placed to help you look and feel better than you ever have before.
  • James' interest in 'total wellbeing' is the reason he has developed long term partnerships and received glowing endorsements from globally renowned celebrities like Elle Macpherson, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Hugh Grant.
  • "Bodyism is a centre of excellence that delivers cutting edge nutritional, movement and supplement protocols to achieve long, lean, athletic bodies for all of our clients

    About the book: 'Clean and Lean Diet Cookbook'

  • Written by Elle Macpherson's personal trainer, this is the only diet book guaranteed to give you the beach-beautiful body you've always wanted.
  • Simple and effective, with no calorie counting or complicated rules.
  • It shows you how to get Clean by following a flexible 14-day meal plan endorsed by nutritionist Alice Sykes.
  • Then shows how to get Lean by honing your body with easy exercises that get results.
  • Illustrated with recipe and step-by-step exercise photography - Easy to follow.

    Common problem areas:

  • Sugar addiction.
  • Skipping meals. "People think it's a good thing. But it slows your metabolism down. You want to be burning lots of fat all through the day."
  • Not being honest with yourself

    Three changes that will have a big impact:

  • Start each morning with some protein - eg eggs, meat, almonds and natural yoghurt.
  • Drink a squeeze or slice of lime in water.
  • Stretch for five-10 minutes before bed. This will help you unwind and consequently help you sleep better
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