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Google 'Chromebook'
TODAY technology editor Charlie Brown joined the team to discuss the release of Google's new ‘Chromebook’.

Budget 2011
Wayne Swan's fourth Budget has been released. TODAY finance editor Ross Greenwood discussed how the Budget will affect Australians.

Best iPhone apps
TODAY technology editor Charlie Brown has some of the latest and greatest iPhone apps.

New iPad 2: "Thinner and faster"
TODAY technology editor Charlie Brown reveals Apple’s newest gadget, the iPad 2.

What's in your milk?
Some milk producers are watering down milk with permeate - waste from other dairy products.

Mobile payment dangers
TODAY technology editor Charlie Brown looks at the new mobile phone which acts as a debit card.

Is Google rigged?
Google is one of the world's biggest search engines but how does it's ranking system work?

DIY superfund
TODAY finance editor Ross Greenwood looks at the pros and cons of self managed superfund.

Flood insurance
More than a month after floods devastated much of Queensland insurers are still refusing to pay out, citing confusion over the definition of a flood. The CEO of the insurance council of Australia Rob Whelan joined TODAY with more.

Password safety
Charlie Brown joined the program to explain how get an 'un-hackable' password.

Building complaints
Brian Seidler from Master Builders Australia joined TODAY with some expert advice.

Medical apps
TODAY medical expert Dr Ric Gordon joined the program to talk us through medical apps for your phone.

Organising your finances
Effie Zahos from Money Magazine has five easy steps to get your finances in order.

Best free phone apps
TODAY technology editor Charlie Brown looks at the best free phone apps on the market.

Bosses checking employees’ emails
Shana Schreier-Joffe from harmers workplace lawyers joined TODAY to advise of your rights.

Manipulative bosses and co-workers
Back at work? TODAY tells you how to deal with that manipulative boss or co-worker.

Grand Jeep Cherokee
Mick Matheson, journalist at Four by Four magazine joined TODAY to showcase the new Grand Jeep Cherokee.

Rising food prices
Anthony Joseph joined TODAY to chat about what we can expect on rising food prices.

Switching banks
Financial planner Justine Davies joined TODAY to advise on how to switch banks.

Vodafone class action
Sasha Ivanstoff from law firm Piper Alderman is behind the class action and joined TODAY with Adam Brimo, the customer so annoyed with being put on hold for so long he started a complaints website.

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