Best pizza in Australia

Let's be honest, we love pizza. So much so, Aussies eat about an acre of pizza a day. And with thousands of restaurants to choose from, has it ever crossed your mind where the country’s best pizza might be found?

TODAY enjoys a slice of the best in South Australia from the famous Barossa Valley.

Located about 80 clicks from Adelaide you'll find Cafe 40. It's the home to Australia's best tasting pizza and it's a hidden gem amongst the locals. Producing the best pizza in South Australia four years running and best Smallgoods pizza in Australia 2008 was a dream come true for chef and owner Damon de Ruiter.

When Damon, his wife Patti and their two children, Penelope and Jett, became owners of 40’s six years ago, they had no idea that they would create pizzas of such quality and individuality. Since winning the titles, the pizzas have become a family favourite of the Barossa Valley.

Located in the renowned winemaking region has enabled Damon and his team to explore and source many food artisans’ ingredients. Being known as one of the powers when it comes to gourmet food, the Barossa is the perfect location to gather the fresh, high quality items that are required to make such pizzas as the Lamb & Kipfler Potato and the 40’s Barossa Deluxe. Having an award winning butcher and cheese producer just down the road in the picturesque town of Angaston, also acts as an advantage for the 40’s crew - utilising the goods to the best of the dough base!

At 40's Cafe, we believe, that when one dines out it should be an experience that encompasses food, drink, atmosphere and service at a unique, satisfying level. 40's is a place that excites the senses - It is welcoming, warm and comfortable - Damon de Ruiter.

To enjoy a slice of life head to 30 Murray Street, Angaston, South Australia.

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Fax: 088564 2982

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