Shannon Lush

Wednesday Jun 4 07:00 AEST

TODAY Show's cleaning guru Shannon Lush answers viewer's cleaning questions with tips on dealing with domestic dramas.

Susan from Blacktown asks: How do I get soy sauce out of my new white shirt?

  • ”White vinegar is the secret ingredient for soy sauce disasters,” says Ms Lush. For soy sauce spills at home she recommends immediately applying white vinegar to the stain and gently rubbing the stain with a cloth.
  • The same principle applies for restaurant disasters. “White vinegar is found in almost every restaurant, especially if they are serving soy sauce so ask the waiter for a small amount and excuse yourself to the bathroom,” she says.

Olivia asked: How do I clean my kettle and how often should I do it?

  • "I do mine once a week and I just put a teaspoon of bicarb soda and a teaspoon of white vinegar into the kettle, shake it to a fizz and then rinse it all out,” she says.
  • If you haven’t cleaned the kettle for a while or it’s particularly dirty you just double the quantities of bicarb soda and white wine vinegar and add two teaspoons of uncooked rice.

Mary asked: How do I get school paint out of white school shirts?

  • ”Bleech and nappy san wont work,” she says. “You need to soak the shirts in metholated spirits for twenty minutes and then rub the stain out.”

Robyn from Mildura asks: I dropped a glass of red wine and it landed on the carpet and it also splashed onto my soft cream coloured new curtains. How on earthy do I get it out?

  • ”If it’s been there a while, just apply white vinegar”, says Ms Lush
  • If the spill is new then first you should pat the area dry with paper towel. Then sprinkle the area with bicarb soda and it will instantly change from red to grey. Once it’s grey you can easily sponge out the stain with white vinegar.

Robyn asked: How do I get candle wax of cotton clothing?

  • ”Iron the clothing top to bottom with paper towel until you’re left with what looks like a greasy mark, then rub with tea tree oil on this mark until it disappears” advises Ms Lush.

Karl asked: How do I remove grease stains from my concrete driveway?

  • Mix plaster of Paris and water until it’s a similar consistency to peanut butter. For every cup of mixture you make add one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. Paint no more than half an inch of mixture over the stain. Leave it to dry and then sweep the mixture (and your stain) away.

Anne asked: My dog is frequently vomiting on the carpet, how do I get the stain out?

  • Using a comb scrap the vomit up from the carpet and then sprinkle the stain with talcum powder to absorb any moisture. After all the vomit has been removed scrub the carpet with normal bathroom soap and water.

Jane asked: Can you tell me how I can remove mould stains from my fabric sofa?

  • Mix a quarter of a teaspoon of oil of cloves with one litre of water and wash.
  • ”Oil of cloves is a very volatile oil so a small amount is plenty,” explains Ms Lush.

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