Perfect shopping list

With so many choices at the supermarket sometimes it's hard to know what you should be buying. TODAY nutritionist Joanna McMillian tells us what to put in the trolley so you can make healthy meals for your family all week.

Shopping List
Fruit and Veggies
All are great and vary what you buy each week - here are some suggestions:

  • apples

  • pears

  • oranges

  • bananas

  • melon

  • grapes

  • berries (fresh or frozen)

  • nectarines

  • peaches

  • plums

  • apricots

  • pomegranate

  • mango, pawpaw

  • red grapefruit

  • avocado

  • green leafy vegetables - have every day eg spinach, silverbeet, Asian greens, endive

  • rocket

  • watercress

  • lettuce

  • cabbage

  • carrots

  • zucchini

  • asparagus

  • tomatoes

  • cucumber

  • onions

  • capsicum

  • mushrooms

  • broccoli or broccolini

  • cauliflower

  • peas

  • green beans

  • sugar snaps

  • corn

  • orange

  • sweet potato

  • pumpkin

  • mixed frozen vegetables

  • garlic

  • ginger

  • any fresh herbs


  • skim or low fat milk

  • natural yoghurt

  • low fat fruit yoghurt

  • cottage or ricotta cheese

  • feta cheese (small amounts in salad OK)

  • strong cheese (you need to use less if strong flavoured - use no more than 3 times/week)

  • cold sliced lean meat (try not to have rolled processed meats, instead choose sliced roast or from the bone meats)

  • tofu (if you like it and essential for vegetarians)

  • hummus


  • low GI grainy bread eg Burgen range, grainy sour dough, soy & linseed, Cape Seed loaf

  • wholemeal pita or wholemeal wraps eg tortilla, Mountain bread or Sorj bread

Meat, fish and seafood

  • lean cuts of meat eg beef rump or fillet, 5 star mince, lamb backstraps or fillets, cutlets with fat trimmed, pork fillet, veal or kangaroo

  • chicken & turkey - remove skin & visible fat

  • any fresh or frozen fish fillets – include salmon or trout at least 1/week – fresh frozen and/or smoked

  • prawns - bag of frozen great for quick stir fry any other seafood you like without sauces and coatings


  • canned tomatoes (read ingredients list and look for just tomatoes & tomato juice)

  • canned tuna, salmon &/or sardines in springwater

  • canned corn

  • jar of tomato paste (unsalted)

  • can pure coconut milk (many brands have additives - Ayam is one of the best)

  • canned beans eg kidney, chickpeas, borlotti, cannelini

  • lentils - all varieties are good being low GI and provide protein & heaps of fibre

  • tea - black, green, rooibos, herbal

  • cocoa powder

  • natural muesli (good brands include Carmans, Sanitarium, Burgen & Vogels)

  • rolled oats (not instant)

  • low GI cereal high in resistant starch eg Protein 1st, Digestive 1st, Heart 1st

  • brown rice - precooked sachets OK

  • quinoa - a low GI seed that cooks like a grain, high in protein & nutrients

  • freekeh - green wheat & highly nutritious, you’ll find it in the health aisle

  • pasta - yes you can have in moderation!

  • 100 percent buckwheat noodles (great in soups and stir-fries)

  • peanut butter - no added salt or sugar

  • other nut butters

  • tahini

  • Australia extra virgin olive oil

  • free range eggs

  • dried apricots and prunes

  • selection of raw nuts and seeds
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