Asian broth with udon noodle

Young Chef of the Year, Richard Ousby was joined by TODAY chef Luke Mangan to make a delicious Asian broth with udon noodles.

ASIAN BROTH WITH UDON NOODLES and seasonal vegetables

  • Instant Dashi*

  • Udon Noodles

Seasonal vegetables:

  • Bok Choy - pull apart into individual leaves

  • Spring onions - finely sliced on an angle - adding white part to broth and decorate with green part

  • Broccolini - chopped in 3 cm lengths

  • Button or swiss brown mushrooms - sliced finely

1.Cook noodles as per pack instructions

In a separate pot:
2.Add Dashi to add to hot water- as per pack instructions (usually 1-2 tablespoons to a litre of water)
3.Bring to the boil
4.Add vegetables - simmer for one minute
5.Remove from heat

6.Divide noodles among individual servings bowls
7.Divide vegetables evenly among bowls
8.Pour over hot stock
9.Add chilli sauce to taste – optional

Recipe would also work well with prawn or chicken. Simply add prawns to boiling stock, simmer for 2 mins before adding vegetables.

*Available from Asian supermarkets or Asia aisle in major supermarkets (OR can use chicken stock pepped up with sliced ginger and garlic, tablespoon of both soy and fish sauce)

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