Blood type diet

Wednesday June 4, 2008

Australian grandmother Frances McCracken spoke to TODAY about the special blood-type diet that helped her lose 100 kilograms in just seven months.

McCracken remembers a time when she was so ashamed of her appearance she wouldn't even go shopping. Weighing in at 167 kilos she was at risk of health problems including diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

"When my grandson Henry was born I realised I wouldn't be able to play with him," McCracken says. "I also realised that unless lifestyle changes were made I would not live long enough to see him growing up."

Inspired by her grandson's birth she began a diet known as the blood-type diet.

"I had tried fad diets before, but I never stuck to them," she says. "With the blood-type diet I dropped from a size 26 to a size 12/14 in just seven months."

The blood type diet is run from Dr Rami Cohen's lifestyle clinics. The diet suggests that the source of obesity lies in hormone imbalance and is therefore a metabolic problem. Through blood analysis a diet is formulated including and excluding various healthy foods.

"I had a blood test to determine the diet plan, then one month later another blood test to determine whether I was sticking to the program and if it was working," McCracken explains.

The blood sample allows Dr Cohen to analyse the chemistry of the body — specifically kidney function, liver function and fasting sugar levels, which determine how your body processes food and stores fat.

After the testing Dr Cohen devises a simple, customised eating plan that introduces selected foods in specific quantities and combinations. These 'food combinations' trigger the rebalancing of the personal hormone levels that are involved in fat loss. The right portioning and foods will also help energise the dieter and stimulate the metabolism.

"The weight just dropped off straight away which I think really helped and motivated me to stick with it," McCracken says.

McCracken believes the diet worked for her because it included normal and tasty foods in moderation. She never set a specific goal for her weight loss, instead focusing on feeling good and using her clothes as a measuring point.

Seven months after starting the diet she says she finally feels healthy and as though she has lost the right amount of weight.

"I'm so proud of myself because I never cheated and I am really starting to get my confidence back," McCracken says . 'It's hilarious; I can walk down the street and people don't even recognise me."

McCracken's new daily diet

  • Breakfast: fruit, oats poached eggs (she doesn't eat any bread because she knows she won't be able to stop at one piece)
  • Lunch: salad or a salad roll or soup
  • Dinner: meat and three vegetables (mainly green vegetables)

McCracken's old daily diet

  • Breakfast: four pieces of toast with bacon and eggs
  • Lunch: chips and a meat pie
  • Dinner: meat and roasted vegies, plus a piece of cheese cake (sometimes two)
  • Snacks: sweets, fizzy drinks and chocolate bars, always in very big portions

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