Andre Rieu LIVE

We’re all incredibly delighted that the great Andre Rieu is making his only free public appearance this morning in Melbourne’s Federation Square.

He’s sold over a million albums and DVDs here in Australia and obviously has a huge fan base. Whilst Andre is doing a few concerts Down Under, we thought it would be nice for him to perform for the fans that can’t get to one of his shows.

I personally saw his show in Paris earlier this year and it really is a spectacular production. And of course I was honoured to actually perform a duet of ‘Waltzing Matilda’ in his hometown of Maastricht, in the Netherlands.

If you’re in or around Melbourne, we’d love for you to drop by.

If you can’t catch Andre in Melbourne’s Federation Square, be sure to grab yourselves tickets to one of his other Australian concerts:

Melbourne - Nov 13-15, Telstra Dome
Adelaide – Nov 18 and Nov 19, AAMI Stadium
Perth – Nov 22, Subiaco Oval
Sydney – Nov 27 – 29, Telstra Stadium
Brisbane – Dec 3 and Dec 4, Suncorp Stadium.

Call Ticketek on 13 2849 or visit

Richard Wilkins
TODAY Entertainment Presenter

Watch Andre's performances here:

Andre Rieu Live - Part 2

Andre Rieu Live - Part 3

Andre Rieu Live - Part 4

Andre Rieu Live - Part 5

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