Perfect presents for mum

Christmas shopping can be challenging ... it's certainly a stressful time of year, especially when you are looking for the perfect gift for the special woman in your life... mum!

Paula Joye from Madisonmagazine joins TODAY to present an array of presents for every mum at every price:

  • Choc-o-lator – $9.95 - A calculator that looks and even smells like a block of chocolate - Wildcards & Gifts,
  • Edible blooms – from $30 - Belgian chocolate flowers. The chocolate bouquets will be a hit with family, friends and colleagues alike. They are available for delivery across Australia - , or 1300 768 996.
  • Shoe bling – from $20 - Enables mums to get more versatility out of their shoes by changing their look with a clip. Clips range from everyday wear to diamante and precious stone looks - .
  • Garden carry bag and tool set + bag and tool set - $39.99 each - A bag and tool sets for the mum that loves the garden -
  • Beach accessories - straw hat ($14.99), straw hat with beading ($16.99), straw bag ($29.99), Jenny Kee beach towel ($49.99), beach towel ($39.99) -
  • Cookbooks – ‘Gordon Ramsay’s Healthy Appetite ($36.00) and ‘Donna Hay - No time to Cook’ ($24.99) -
  • Memory books - $24.95 - Be moved as you recount shared moments, memorable stories and lessons learned in this unique book. Fill it out on your own, or with siblings and other family members to create a unique keepsake for Mum as you relive the past and record it for the future –
  • Photo books – from $20 - Create simply beautiful albums, posters and photoflips with your photos! Or, capture life's special moments with Officeworks’ stretched canvas prints, and turn your digital photos into ready-to-hang works of art -
  • Project Tote ($24.95) and Craftician Carry All ($59.95) - Howards Storage World's craft bags are a fantastic Christmas idea for crafty mums. Available in store and online, these practical storage solutions will keep all those craft essentials organised and readily accessible in one handy bag - .
  • Ubisoft Personal Yoga Training (for Nintendo DS) - $59.95 - Learn Yoga at home at your own pace. Use your voice to navigate through the program and learn over 200 yoga poses approved and motion captured by a certified instructor. The program tracks your daily progress and once it understands your poses it moves onto harder combinations. The perfect gift for stay-at-home mums that don't have time or money to spend on gym memberships or personal trainers.

    Ubisoft My Health Coach: Manage Your Weight (for Nintendo DS) - $59.95 - Create a personal profile and set up your objectives, then use the pedometer to measure your physical daily effort. Again, The perfect gift for stay-at-home mums that don't have time or money to spend on gym memberships or personal trainers.

  • Growing gifts - Rosemary Chalk Box - $65.00 - The Rosemary is planted up in a beautiful antiqued wood box, with a blackboard on one side to write a personal message. The Gift is decorated with jingle bells & Christmas ribbon and includes a ceramic JOY star decoration hand made exclusively for Growing Gifts.

    Native Christmas tree - $29.95 - Go Green this Christmas! Mark this happy occasion with a native Australian tree. Native trees are water wise, attract nectar feeding birds and butterflies to your garden and will give years of enjoyment. All our trees are attractive specimens and are suitable in a tub on the patio or for the smaller garden. The Native Gift Tree is also decorated with jingle bells & Christmas ribbon and includes a ceramic JOY star decoration hand made exclusively for Growing Gifts.

  • Oxfam Unwrapped - Oxfam Unwrapped is Oxfam's charity gift program that allows Australians to help people in developing countries earn money, feed their families, drink clean water and send their children to school. You choose the gift that best suits your friend, partner or colleague and based on how you want to help communities overseas. They receive a fun card to show how they are helping. The donation goes to Oxfam Australia's work to help communities overcome poverty.

    This year Oxfam has some great new gifts, including ducks, bees and cooking sets to help people in developing countries.

    Through Oxfam Unwrapped, $20 can provide a community overseas with ducks, which are helpful because they are one of the few environmentally friendly forms of pest control, as they eat insects and snails and help farmers protect their fields.

    Ducks - $20 - This year, Oxfam Unwrapped has introduced new ducks to the range for $20. These ducks are one of the few environmentally friendly forms of pest control, as they eat insects and snails and help farmers protect their fields.

    Bees - $103 - Oxfam have also introduced bees to the range because beekeeping does not require much land relative to other crops. In poor communities giving people in places like Malawi bees allow communities a chance to generate an income.

    The Goat - $39 - Giving a goat is the Oxfam Unwrapped tradition. One goat soon turns into a whole herd, which can be sold for money or donated to other families so that they can breed them and also benefit from their milk and manure.

    Toilet - $45 - A little toilet humour on Christmas day will never go astray, and will be forgiven when you tell friends that they you are helping communities affected by natural disasters and conflict. Toilets in refugee camps and disaster relief areas can help people overcome disease and regain a sense of dignity in difficult times.

    Food - $60 - Global food shortages can leave already struggling communities hungry - hard to imagine in the season of Christmas feasts. This gift will help mothers in East Timor prepare nutritious meals to keep

    Oxfam Unwrapped gifts can be purchased at online at .

  • For more information on Oxfam, go to

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