Beat stubborn stains

Thursday February 22, 2007
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Author Shannon Lush tells you how to get rid of some stubborn stains.

How can I get chocolate paddle pop out of a white top?
If the top is made from cotton- wipe the mark with a little glycerine and then rub it with some normal facial soap and cold water.

How can I remove orange and raspberry cordial from my carpet?
Aim an ultra violet light at the spot -the light will leech fruit dyes out of carpet, and then a small grey mark will be left –then you just need to get some soap and water an wash off the grey mark.

How can I remove mould from a white lamp shade?
You need some unprocessed bran, white vinegar and a small amount of oil of cloves.
In a mixing bowl add 1 cup of the unprocessed bran and add few drops of white vinegar –stir thoroughly until it clumps together like brown sugar- it must not be wet. Then add two drops of oil of cloves to the mixture and stir though. Then brush the mixture backwards and forwards across the stain until it comes off.

How can I remove candle wax from my wall?
For a painted wall: Put an ice cube in a plastic bag- hold it on the wall and leave it until the wall gets really cold. Then take off the excess wax with a plastic knife or paddle-pop stick. You will be left with a greasy mark- so you just need to put a few drops of tea-tree oil on a piece of clean pantyhose and wipe the pantyhose over the wall to remove the rest of the mark off.

How can I get highlighter and felt tipped pen stains out of my clothing?
Highlighter: Soak garment in salt water and then freeze it. Pen: Soak pen ink stains on in rotten milk. First rot some milk in sun, then once rotten strain the lumps out and put the lumps over the pen ink stain. Then you need to wash the clothing in the washing machine.

How can I get baby vomit out of my lounge?
It depends on the age of the child who has vomited. If it is vomit from a baby who is still feeding on only milk - you just need to use normal soap and water. But, if the baby is eating ‘big people food’- use cold water and soap first, then warm water and dishwashing liquid, and then a small amount of vinegar at the end.
Never let the vomit patch get too wet- just use small quantities of water and use a dry cloth.

Is there any way of getting melted crayon out of my suede chairs?
Rub the crayon stains with a piece of brown bread first to take most off the crayon out, then wipe over with tea tree oil to take the rest off the mark off.

I have a soap scum on my shower glass what can i do to remove it?
Bicarb soda and vinegar mixed together will remove it. But if the mark keeps coming back then it’s not soap scum- its glass cancer and you need to use pure Goanna Oil made with real goanna fat to wipe over the glass, or you can frost the window.

There are fake tan marks all over my carpet. How can I remove these?
Dishwashing liquid on finger tips or tooth brush- rub over the stain gently and it will come out.

How can I get wood glue of 100% pure wool carpet?
Aim steam at the glue – use a house hold steamer- this will losten the glue from the carpet so you can then remove it.

How can I remove hair dye from my pillow case?
Put more of the same hair dye on pillow then rub it- you will see the stain move- then once this happens add some shampoo and rub it with your hands until the hair dye comes out

How do I clean stainless steal?
Wet some pantyhose with hot or cold water and then wipe it over the stainless steal.

How do I clean aluminium kitchen pots?
Sprinkle some bicarb over the pot and then add a bit of white vinegar- wipe with pantyhose.

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