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Thursday June 14, 2007
Clean up (Getty Images)

Find out how to really clean up and get rid of those pesky stains.

Shannon Lush, our TODAY domestic goddess answers all your questions.

Beauty product stains – cosmetics, lotions and deodorant
How can I get sunscreen off a black leather car seat?
How can I get rid of perspiration and antiperspirant from shirts?
There are fake tan marks all over my carpet. How can I remove these?

Cleaning glass
How can I remove sticker stains from my car windscreen?
I have a soap scum on my shower glass what can I do to remove it?

Cleaning the kitchen
How can I remove a large white spot on my pine table caused by condensation from a hot pot?
How do I clean stainless steel?
How do I clean aluminium kitchen pots?
How do I clean my kitchen taps and my oven?

Cleaning tiles
What is the best way to clean grout between my floor tiles without using chemicals?
How do I remove hair dye from white tiles?

Food and drink stains
How can I remove banana stains from my children's clothing?
How can I remove a large Bundaberg rum and Coke stain from my cream carpet?
How can I remove red cordial from white carpet?
How can I get chocolate paddle pop out of a white top?
How can I remove orange and raspberry cordial from my carpet?
How can I get baby vomit out of my lounge?

Hair dye stains
I spilt dark hair dye solution on our Tassie oak kitchen door. How can I remove this without damaging the timber?
How do I remove hair dye from white tiles?
How can I remove hair dye from my pillow case?

Paint stains
How can I remove paint from school shirts?

Removing mould
How do you get mould stains out of linen and clothes?
How can I remove mould from a white lamp shade?

Sticky stains – wax, glue and nail polish
How can I remove candle wax from my wall?
How can I remove nail polish from my carpet?
How can I get wood glue of 100% pure wool carpet?

Writing implement stains - ink, pen, crayon and highlighter
How can I get rid of blue and red biro from my grey leather car seat?
How do you get pen out of light brown suede?
I have a cream leather couch with blue biro on it across a whole stretch. How do I remove the biro?
How can I remove yellow highlighter from a 100 percent white, cotton shirt?
How can I remove black felt tip pen from my suede chair?
How can I get biro off a baby born doll ?
How can I get highlighter and felt tipped pen stains out of my clothing?
Is there any way of getting melted crayon out of my suede chairs?

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