Removing difficult stains

Monday July 23, 2007
Cleaning (AAP Images)

Shannon Lush gives TODAY viewers some helpful hints on how to get rid of some difficult stains.

How can you get children's potty accidents out of the carpet?

If it is a liquid stain use some white vinegar to remove it. If it is a solid accident, life it from the carpet with metal nit combs. This will prevent any more of the stain from rubbing into the carpet.

How can you get black ink out of a silk tie?

Rotten milk is the best for this. Take some full cream milk and rot it in the sun until it goes lumpy. Then strain the lumps and put the milk onto the stain. Afterwards, wash with some shampoo to remove any left over milk.

How can you get rust stains from a bathrobe?

It will be a slow process but make a mountain of salt on the stain and squeeze some lemon juice over the stain. Put in the sunshine and wait for the stain to fade.

How can you get bubblegum stains from clothes?

Tea tree oil will remove bubble gum off most things.

How do you get an antiperspirant stain off clothes?

Nappy San Plus will be best for rust stains. Make the Nappy San Plus into a paste similar to peanut butter and then paint on to the stain. Put the clothing into the washing machine and the stain will come out.

How can you get rid of coffee ring marks that have penetrated the sealant of granite bench tops?

Plaster of paint. Mix the product into a similar consistency to peanut butter, paint on about half an inch thick to the stain. Wait until it dries and then brush off.

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