Ways to make money

Well, if you’re running out of ideas on how to make a quick dollar, then read on. Money For Jam presenters Effie Zahos and Shane Crawford join us in the studio to share some innovative ways to make and save some cold hard cash.

Top tips to make and save money

1. Effie: Make money by selling unwanted clothes and items

Now don't groan - I can hear you all saying "I don't have time to hold a market stall or list items on eBay - you don't need to. I took a bunch of clothes that I had just hanging around into work, plonked them in the foyer, put a note on the Intranet and I made nearly $1,000 in half an hour. Easy!

2. Effie: Tap into your home

Take in a boarder and utilise a spare room. You could make as much as $310 a week tax free. Or capitalise on your skills. Are you a school teacher who can do some tutoring after hours? How about signing up to rent out your house as a location for films and TV? I was living in a small house in the inner-city and got $4,000 for a coffee commercial. The work's out there, it's worth looking in to.

3. Effie: Switch to a better credit card deal

Watch the show tonight. There's an all time low credit card interest rate offer than will save you hundreds of dollars a year.

4. Shane: Swap and Save

I've learnt through doing this show that there are all these girl's clothes swapping parties going on around the country but boys there's nothing stopping us from getting amongst it! Footy season is really hotting up and so is the weather so wack on the barbie, invite your mates around and tell them to bring all that stuff they haven't used for years and swap it. We meet a group of blokes doing this and it's a great idea - watch the show to see how it works.

5. Shane: Make Dad's Day!

Forget the "jocks and socks" for Father’s Day - get the kids to make a DVD. We've all got thousands of photos on the computer so get the kids to put together a slide show for dad. He'll love it and it won't cost a cent!

Money For Jam

Money For Jam is an inspirational new series for the whole family that's all about ideas on how to put more money back in your pocket. Who hasn't heard the saying "money for jam"? It means easy money. You've got your bread and butter, that's your regular income, then there's the jam, a bonus on the top - quick cash that makes life so much sweeter.

In these tough financial times the experts keep telling us we should save. But who wants to give up their mid-morning cappuccino or Friday night pizza just to save a few dollars a day? Money For Jam has plenty of easy advice and money-making tips that will leave you feeling motivated at just how easy it can be to save and make your money go further.

Money For Jam is presented by two trusted and respected financial experts, Effie Zahos and Paul Clitheroe, along with well-known TV presenter Shelley Craft and AFL legend Shane Crawford.

As the editor of Money magazine, Effie Zahos has some great tips and tricks for making a bit of extra cash. Australia's undisputed money guru, Paul Clitheroe, will be sharing his financial insight throughout the series. Shelley Craft's first job was flipping burgers and wearing a silly suit at a theme park, so she knows that you've got to start somewhere to make money - you have to be positive, passionate and keep your sense of humour. Hawthorn great Shane Crawford, who played more than 300 games in the AFL, has taken a few knocks in his time so he knows all about bouncing back too.

In episode one, Effie will show you how to get a bonus worth nearly $3000 a year. Shane meets a man who has turned his love of beer into a business. Five tradesmen take Shelley's lunchbox challenge. And there are words of wisdom from money-man Paul Clitheroe. Plus the "Super Scrooge of the Week" segment with the scroogiest ideas to save a buck.

With no high-finance talk or financial jargon, Money For Jam is full of simple ways to make money... For jam.

Money For Jam premieres on Channel Nine Wednesday, September 2 at 8.00pm

For more, go to http://channelnine.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=823776.

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