Wednesday September 13th

Wednesday September 13, 2006

Guest: Steven Jacobs
Time: 0830
Subject: weather reports - Royal Melbourne Show
Email your weather photos to

Guest: Cameron Williams
Time: 0606 - 0900
Subject: latest news in sport

Time: 0621
Subject: What's making the front page of newspapers around the country

Guest: Ross Greenwood
Time: 0619
Subject: Latest financial news

Time: 0625
Subject: Today in history

Guest: Channel Nine reporters
Time: 0643
Subject: News from around the nation

Guest: Richard Wilkins
Time: 0653 and 0743
Subject: Latest entertainment news

Guest: Professor Paul Wilson
Time: 0710
Subject: Increase in street gangs across Australia’s major metropolitan areas

Guest: Andrew Bolt & Phil Cleary
Time: 0712
Subject: Should we include a list of Australian values on Visa applications to Australia?

Guest: Alan Jones
Time: 0724
Subject: Daily editorial comments
For more information go to

Guest: Stephanie Mcintosh - singer/ songwriter
Time: 0745
Subject: Chat about music career
Viewer contact: Album "Tightrope" is in stores now.

Guest: Leonie Hewitt & Symantha Perkins
Time: 0810
Subject: Giving birth to a baby - whether to have a natural birth or a caesarean

Natural birth
* choice to go drug free
* faster recovery
Cons * painful * unpredictable

* ability to plan
* less trauma
* risk of maternal death higher
* longer length of hospital stay

Guest: Catriona Rowntree
Time: 0820
Subject: The great weight debate

Guest: Jamie Durie
Time: 0840
Subject: Low allergy gardens and new DVD growing dreams

Low allergy gardens
* plants pollinated by birds and insects
* low pollen-producing grass
* weed garden regularly
* avoid compost heaps
* avoid gardening on windy days

Low allergy plants
1. Heath Banksia
2. Coastal Rosemary
3. Japanese Crab Apple
4. Creek Lilly Pilly
5. Camellia

Guest: Ron Delezio
Time: 0850
Subject: Take Five Bravehearts competition
Viewer contact: Entry form in this week's take 5 magazine

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