Tuesday September 19th

Tuesday September 19, 2006

Guest: Steven Jacobs
Time: 0830
Subject: weather reports - Newcastle jockey club
Viewer contact: www.njc.com.au
Email your weather photos to today@nine.com.au

Guest: Cameron Williams
Time: 0606 - 0900
Subject: latest news in sport

Time: 0621
Subject: What's making the front page of newspapers around the country

Guest: Ross Greenwood
Time: 0618
Subject: Latest financial news

Time: 0625
Subject: Today in history

Guest: Channel Nine reporters
Time: 0643
Subject: News from around the nation

Guest: Richard Wilkins
Time: 0743
Subject: Latest entertainment news

Guest: Dr Mukesh Haikerwal
Time: 0707
Subject: Alcohol labelling

Guest: Jim Richards
Time: 0713
Subject: Peter Brock's funeral

Guest: Jared Crouch
Time: 0720
Subject: Footy finals

Guest: Alan Jones
Time: 0724
Subject: Daily editorial comments
For more information go to www.2gb.com.au.

Guest: Dr Vanessa Goodwin
Time: 0750
Subject: Burglar trade tricks unmasked
Hot property
* homes with no dogs
* no alarms
* neighbours are out
* end of week
* hot weather

Guest: Tony Jones
Time: 0808
Subject: Peter Brock's funeral

Guest: Dr Judith Paphazy
Time: 0810
Subject: Body image

Guest: Gorgi Quill
Time: 0820
Subject: Travel report - Fraser Coast
Viewer contact:

Kingfisher bay resort - Fraser Island
Winner Australian tourism award ecotourism 2004-05 www.kingfisherbay.com
Bookings and enquiries http://reservations.kingfisherbay.com/menu.html
Resort address: PMB 1 Urangan Hervey Bay Queensland 4655
Australia toll free 1800 072 555
Telephone:+ 61 7 4120 3333 facsimile: +61 7 4120 3326 email: reservations@kingfisherbay.com

Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort www.ladyelliot.com.au
07 4156 4444
Email: reservations@ladyelliot.com.au
For more information call 13 14 15, go to qantas.com/holidays or visit your licensed travel agent Conditions apply

Guest: Luke Mangan and Rafael Nazario
Subject: Mexican made easy - roasted tomato salsa
Viewer contact: www.guzmanygomez.com/.

Guest: Carmen Fraser and Jimmy Little
Subject: Chat and perform
Viewer contact: Jimmy Little foundation www.jlf.org.au
Carmen Fraser's album 'Blame it on Love' is available September 9th via MGM distribution

Tour dates
Sydney - September 16-20
Uluru - Sunday 24th to 27th September (Voyages Ayres Rock Resort) and visiting aboriginal communities at Docker River and Kintore.
Alice springs - September 29 where Jimmy & Carmen will perform a gig at "The Lane"
Friday 29th with local legend Warren H Williams (son of country star Gus Williams).
Saturday 30th - Indigenous Doctor's Association annual conference in Alice which Jimmy & Carmen will attend.
Remote NT communities - October 1-3
Melbourne - October 4-21
East coast tour of Australia October 25 - November 25

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