Monday September 25th

Monday September 25, 2006

Guest: Steven Jacobs
Time: 0830
Subject: weather reports
Viewer contact: Child Care Awards 2006- To nominate your favourite child care worker visit
Email your weather photos to

Guest: Cameron Williams
Time: 0606 - 0900
Subject: latest news in sport

Time: 0621
Subject: What's making the front page of newspapers around the country

Guest: Ross Greenwood
Time: 0618
Subject: Latest financial news

Time: 0625
Subject: Today in history

Guest: Channel Nine reporters
Time: 0643
Subject: News from around the nation

Guest: Cameron Wade
Time: 0708
Subject: Bushfire season

Guest: Eileen Risby
Time: 0710
Subject: Bushfire season

Guest: Dr Clive Williams
Time: 0712
Subject: Osama Bin Laden

Guest: Neil Mitchell
Time: 0714
Subject: The lonely planet's latest guide to Melbourne
Viewer contact:

Guest: Brad Fittler and Dermott Brereton
Time: 0722
Subject: Football finals

Guest: Alan Jones
Time: 0724
Subject: Daily editorial comments
For for a full transcript of Alan Jones’ comments go to

Guest: Richard Reid
Time: 0742
Subject: Latest Hollywood Gossip

Guest: Annette Cannock and Bianca Monley
Time: 0750
Subject: Starting your own business

Guest: Ian Chappell
Time: 0810
Subject: 'A Golden Age'
Viewer contact: 'A Golden Age' is available in bookstores now

Guest: Siimon Reynolds
Time: 0820
Subject: Australia’s favourite trademark

Guest: Tim Cope
Time: 0840
Subject: 2006 Australian geographic adventurer of the year
Viewer contact:

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