Monday 16th January 2012

Most Clicked
TODAY presents some of the most popular internet items of the day.

Money minute
TODAY finance editor Ross Greenwood offers some valuable finance tips.
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Web Sheriff John Giacobbi joined TODAY for some tips on cyber safety.

Cruise Ship disaster
NINE's Europe correspondent Peter Stefanovic had an update on the cruise ship in Italy, where there has been another dramatic rescue overnight.

Energy price rise
Households are being warned to brace for power blackouts, as part of a strategy to rein in electricity prices. TODAY finance expert Ross Greenwood had the details.
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Energy drink warning
There are calls for energy drinks to carry warning labels after a study found a spike in the number of people reporting adverse reactions. TODAY medical expert Dr Ric Gordon had the details.

Pratt fortune battle
The battle over billionaire Richard Pratt's fortune will resume in a Sydney court today. For more TODAY was joined by NINE news reporter Lizzie Pearl.

Rafael Nadal
All the big names in world tennis are in Melbourne for the Australian Open, none bigger than Rafael Nadal. TODAY reporter Christine Ahern caught up with the Spanish superstar to help him with his preparations.

What’s making news
TODAY was joined by Political Commentator Lachlan Harris to discuss the latest media headlines.

Golden Globes
The Golden Globes are just a few short hours away and Richard Wilkins was on the Red Carpet with all the details.
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Sleeping conditions
Have you ever woken up in the morning and can't move? Well many people experience a range of sleep conditions and Sleep Expert Elizabeth Shannon joined TODAY to explain them.
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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
Hollywood stars Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson were in Melbourne this morning for the release of ‘Journey Two: The Mysterious Island’. They joined TODAY for a chat.

Hosts chat
TODAY hosts discuss and debate the hottest topics of the day.

Golden Globes gossip
TODAY gossip guru Richard Reid was on the Golden Globes Red Carpet with all the latest gossip.
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