Wednesday 22nd February 2012

Wednesday February 22, 2012

One Year On
New Zealand journalist Brent Fraser reports from Christchurch as we look back one year on after the fatal earthquake which stuck Christchurch.

Most Clicked
TODAY presents some of the most popular internet items of the day.

Money minute
TODAY finance editor Ross Greenwood offers some valuable finance tips.
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De facto relationships
Thousands of rulings by the family court in relation to de facto couples, dating back to March 2009, are now in jeopardy because the federal government failed to put a start date on new legislation.

Academy Awards
KT LA reporter Sam Ruben reveals the background on the Academy Awards and how the voting system really works.

Entertainment news
TODAY entertainment editor Richard Wilkins looks at the Oscar nominees for best actor and actress.

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What's making news
TODAY was joined by political journalist Laurie Oakes to discuss the latest media headlines.

Christchurch survivors
TODAY looks back one year on from the fatal earthquake which struck Christchurch and the survivors of that tragic day.

Mum tackles bullies
Kelly Snowden decided to take matters into her own hands when her daughters school were not doing anything to combat the bullies who were teasing her daughter.

Cash Call Winner
TODAY reporter Michael Dalton catches up with the $40,000 cash call winner.

Girls on Grill
Karl grills Lisa and Angela Mollard, about the hottest trends and topics of the day.
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Bonds Baby Competition
Bonds is searching for the cutest baby in the country. Bonds Ambassador Sarah Murdoch joined TODAY to chat about the competition.

Talking Hollywood
TODAY gossip guru Richard Reid brings you the latest from Tinseltown.
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Stevie in Hawaii
This morning Stevie is presenting weather from Pearl Harbour in Hawaii.

Geoff Huegill charity race

Geoff "Skippy" Huegill takes on 12 year old Maddy Harley in a swimming race to raise moeny for cystic fibrosis. The pair went head to head in support of Maddy's best friend Julia who has the disease. If you would like to help raise more money, please click on the link below.

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