Friday 2nd March 2012

Friday March 2, 2012
World’s Greatest Shave - Karl’s Right Leg
Karl’s getting involved in the World's Greatest Shave… or wax in this case! Get behind him to wax down his right leg, to raise much needed funds for the Leukaemia Foundation.

Wild weather
TODAY had all the latest details on the wild weather around new south wales.
TODAY was joined by the following:
SES spokesperson Erin Pogmore
SES Deputy Commissioner Steve Pearce
TODAY weather presenter Stevie Jacobs in Cooma
TODAY reporter Sylvia Jeffreys at Warragamba Dam
NINE news reporter Dan Nolan in Goulburn

Week in politics
It's been a big week in politics and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott joined TODAY for an update.

Most Clicked
TODAY presents some of the most popular internet items of the day.

Sports Talk
TODAY was joined by AFL legend, Jason Akermanis and NRL star Darryl Brohman to preview a big weekend in football.
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Money minute
TODAY finance editor Ross Greenwood offers some valuable finance tips.
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Little legends
TODAY celebrates Australia’s little people achieving big things!
Send your little legend to

Royal high tea
The Queen invited Camilla and Kate to attend what is their first official engagement together. NINE's Europe correspondent Peter Stefanovic was there.

How many kilojoules do you eat?
Research shows that 95% of us don't know how many kilojoules we should be consuming every day. But a new campaign from the New South Wales food authority plans to change that. TODAY nutritionist and advocate of the campaign Joanna McMillan joined the team to explain.

Taylor Swift
TODAY entertainment editor Richard Wilkins caught up with Taylor Swift as she prepares to take Australia by storm.
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What's making news
TODAY was joined with Neil Breen from The Sunday Telegraph to discuss the latest media headlines.

I Do Day
Today is "I Do Day" which aims to raise awareness for marriage equality in Australia. TODAY was joined by the Convenor of Australian Marriage Equality, Alex Greenwich.
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Italian tomato tradition
In garages and backyards around the country Italian families have been hard at work making authentic tomato sauce to last the year. TODAY 's Christine Ahern went along to join in this age-old tradition.

Online scrapbooking
Scrapbooking has become very popular in recent years, but if you're not crafty, there is any easier way online. TODAY technology expert Charlie Brown had the details.

Best TV ads
Rob Belgiovane joined TODAY to discuss the best ads on TV.
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Girls on Grill
Karl grills Georgie and Nikki Gemmell, about the hottest trends and topics of the day.
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Karl’s charity leg wax
Karl has taken up the challenge to get his leg waxed to help raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation. Founder of Nads, Sue Ismiel joined TODAY for the anticipated wax.
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Talking Hollywood
TODAY gossip guru Richard Reid brings you the latest from Tinseltown.
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