Friday 13th April 2012

Friday April 13, 2012
Slash your power bill
Household electricity bills are expected to rise by more than $300 next year. TODAY tells you how to cut back on power usage before the big spike in prices.

Sustainable flying
Humble cooking oil will take on a new purpose today as it helps to launch a Qantas Airbus A330 into the sky. It’s Australia’s first ever commercial flight using bio-fuel, and joining TODAY to discuss this historic flight was Qantas Captain Philip Davenport.

One direction mania
They are the boy band that this week has had the nation's teenage girls in raptures. But as TODAY's Mike Dalton reports, you too can have teenage girls screaming after you if you dress the part.

Richard Wilkins
TODAY entertainment editor Richard Wilkins celebrates 25 years at Channel Nine this week and we take a look back at his time with the Network.

Black Friday
Today is Friday the 13th and the team was joined by Scientist Ruben Meerman to help explain why there are so many superstitions surrounding this date.

Celebrity lock up
The PCYC is celebrating 75 years of keeping kids on the right track. But their work is far from over so today they're locking people up in the middle of the city and the CEO of PCYC Chris Gardiner joined TODAY to explain.

Prince v. Earl
Pippa Middleton has an important decision to make, to date an Earl, or a Prince. she's recently been snapped on a skiing holiday with George Percy the Earl of Northumberland, but this comes after reports she was texting Prince Harry while he was on his Jubliee Tour.

Potato peel challenge
TODAY hosts take on the potato peel challenge and check out what happens…

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