Wednesday 21st November 2012

Sarah Cafferkey Case
The man accused of murdering Melbourne woman Sarah Cafferkey has been charged and police say he has admitted to the crime. TODAY Reporter Christine Ahern was at the Melbourne Magistrates Courts with the latest.

Port Lincoln Under Threat From Fire
Fire-fighters in South Australia have battled through the night to contain a massive bushfire burning just kilometers from Port Lincoln. Yesterday, many residents left their homes fearing the worst after a catastrophic danger warning was issued, and those who stayed have reported ash raining from the sky and covering the city. TODAY’S Sylvia Jeffreys was in Port Lincoln and joined us to explain more.

Most Clicked
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Money minute
TODAY Finance Expert Ross Greenwood offered some valuable finance tips. You can follow Ross on Twitter at

Port Lincoln Under Threat From Fire
Fire-fighters have worked through the night to contain a blaze that's been threatening the town of Port Lincoln on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula. More than a thousand hectares have been burned, and a number of properties were under threat at Coomunga late yesterday. Malim Watts from the Country Fire Service and the Mayor of Port Lincoln Katrina Allen joined TODAY to explain more.

Click Frenzy Fails
It was supposed to be the online sale that brought hundreds of retailers and discounts to our fingertips. Instead, Click Frenzy crashed the internet. The website's co-founder Grant Arnott joined TODAY to explain what happened. For more information please head to, You can also follow Click Frenzy on Twitter at

Entertainment News With Richard Wilkins
TODAY had all the latest showbiz news and biggest films to hit our screens. Also our Entertainment Editor Richard Wilkins had the pleasure of sitting down with Susan Boyle. She has a new album out which is a collection of her favourite musical theatre songs. Susan Boyle's 'Standing Ovation' is out now, and also the musical ' I Dreamed A Dream’ will be in Australia from next June. Tickets are on sale from Monday 26th November.

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    Week In Politics With Laurie Oakes
    Nine Political Editor Laurie Oakes joined TODAY to discuss what's making news.

    Misleading Advertising
    When we see claims on food labels like "all natural" and "healthy" we tend to think we're making the right food choices. But a Choice investigation has found that while some brand names on the supermarket shelf may sound healthy - they're actually far from it. Choice spokesperson Ingrid Just joined TODAY to explain more. For more information please head to You can also follow Choice on Twitter at

    Dodgy Aussie Accents
    It happens from time to time, Australians leave their homeland and come back sounding somewhat different. And it's always far more noticeable with celebrities, the question is whether the new accent is authentic?

    Girls on the Grill
    Karl grills Lisa and Georgie about the hottest trends and topics of the day.

    Broaching Tough Topics With Kids
    Police are warning parents to be vigilant for predators both online and on the street after a recent spate of attempted child abductions and assaults. So how do you talk to your kids about this and other tough topics, TODAY Psychologist Jo Lamble joined us to explain more.

    Talking Hollywood
    TODAY gossip guru’s Richard Reid and Richard Wilkins brings you the latest from Tinseltown.

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