New Year's Eve weather forecast

Friday December 28, 2007

Long-term weather forecaster Ken Ring joins TODAY to present weather predictions for this New Year's Eve and the following months in 2008.

Mr Ring predicts the weather based on the belief that the planets, sun and moon are interconnected like a giant clock.

"The moon's gravitational pull on the atmosphere works in the same way as tides," he explains. "When the tide is in, the moon is above the horizon and the air has the greatest height. This can be proven with weather balloons floating higher when the air tide is out. I use this 1000-year-old-moon theory to predict rain fall."

"I have a different system of measuring the weather to the Weather Bureau," he explains.

"The Weather Bureau take photos from satellite, so any seasonal out-look is likely to be very different," says Mr Ring. "Their seasonal predictions are based on ocean temperatures and historical statistical comparisons, not on the moon."

New Year's Eve weather prediction:

"The southern regions of the country can expect plenty of fine weather throughout the south of Western Australia, South Australia, western Victoria and eastern Tasmania while showers sprinkle Bass Strait coastal regions, the west of Tasmania, coastal parts of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory," he explains. "Queensland, inland New South Wales and most of the Northern Territory are expected to be mostly fine, except for some heavy rain in the far north of the country."


  • Darwin: Fine
  • Brisbane: Sunny
  • Sydney: Mainly fine, warmer
  • Canberra: Sunny
  • Melbourne: Partly cloudy, light showers
  • Hobart: Partly cloudy
  • Adelaide: Sunny
  • Perth: Fine
  • Alice Springs: Fine
  • Cairns: Fine


  • Northern Territory: Fine throughout the State except for a lingering heavy fall or two around the far north Arnhem Lands.
  • Queensland: Mostly fine throughout the State, except for an isolated fall or two in the far SW and Warrego.
  • New South Wales: Mainly fine throughout the State, except for some isolated falls around the Central Tablelands.
  • Australian Capital Territory: Isolated showers.
  • Victoria: Fine inland, scattered showers in coastal districts.
  • Tasmania: Scattered rain activity in the northern coastal regions, fine elsewhere.
  • South Australia: Fine all districts.
  • Western Australia: Mostly fine, isolated showers in the far north.
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